Portrait Tattoos

If you are looking for a portrait tattooist in the UK I may be able to help ;-)

I am very fond of portrait tattoos, I have been obsessed with drawing & painting faces since I was a child


Portrait tattoos can be done in black & grey, black & grey with hints of colour, or full colour


They can be of famous people, celebrity tattoos, film star tattoos, rock star tattoos, or of family members & loved ones


Choosing a good reference image is very important when choosing your portrait tattoo. Well lit, professionally done photos are usually best


They can be done as a single stand alone tattoo or as a full piece with backgrounds


Or you can use them to create surreal fantasy images which I love to do


I always do portrait tattoos in a single session, backgrounds can be done at the same time or done seperately

I quote portraits per piece, not by the hour.

If you would like a portrait tattoo, get some of your favourite pics of that person together, fill out & send the tattoo request form on my contact page, & I will get back to you :-D



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