I do 4 to 6 hour sessions. I only take on work that I feel I will enjoy doing & ideas that inspire me (I do not rework old tattoos, finish other peoples work or do colour tattoos) 


Q: I would like a tattoo, what do I need to do?

A: First of all you need to make sure you have a good idea of what you are wanting tattooed. Do plenty of research to find your ideas & collect pictures/images that are similar to what you would like doing. The images may show the content you want, a style you want etc, just ideas. If you cant find images, just have a very good description of what you would like.

Basically I need to get a rough idea of what you like, & to see whether I am the right person for the job

. Let me know things like...Size :- the size of the tattoo, inches x inches, or standard tattoo sizes such as full sleeve, half or 3/4 sleeve, full backpiece etc. Placement :- e.g Left or right side. back, upper arm, side calf, ribs etc. Colour :- I only do black & grey,. Cover up :- is it a cover up, is it fitting between other tattoos.

Then upload sample images, this is important as it helps me get a visual idea of what you are after. Sending pictures of actual tattoos/sleeves etc that you like is fine, but please note that these will only be used as inspiration. I WILL NOT COPY OTHER PEOPLES TATTOOS. For example, sending a picture of a sleeve saying 'I want this sleeve' will not get you booked in. Saying you want a sleeve/backpiece containing (ideas/subject x,y,z) is more the way to go.  Filling out the form fully is important as you will read in the next section 'the way I tattoo'

Q: What type of tattoos do you like doing?

A: Take a look at my gallery to get a better idea of the sort of work I like doing.

To keep my bookings & waiting list to a managable level I have to be quite selective with the work I choose to take on.. I am much more likely to take on work from clients who trust me & allow me to have a lot of creative freedom with the tattoo.

 Portraits I always enjoy, these are the smallest kind of work I take on (4 inch x 5 inch minimum size for portraits) Family portraits, film/musician/famous portraits

 Realism is my main style.

 Animal portraits

Slightly surreal work

Womens faces with things like flowers, filigree, ornamental work, surreal ideas,  fancy make up designs, Dia de los muertos patterns, snowflakes, etc

Mucha'esque work

Large religious statues & art

Skull ideas

Flowing feminine designs

Plus any ideas people send in that I find partucularly interesting or inspiring


I enjoy tattooing sleeves & get lots of requests for them, just to give an idea of time, most sleeves i do take 25-30 hours & are done over 5 sessions

(Some things I am NOT looking to take on are pocket watches/clocks/compasses, heaven & hell pieces, biomechanical, doves, clouds, life story pieces with lots of random images pieced together (I can never get those to look good) colour work, writing)

I am having to limit tattooing certain bodyparts due to my back (scoliosis) I cant take on many rib/stomach/neck/inner thigh pieces due to the way I have to sit while tattooing those bodyparts causing me too much back pain to be able to focus on tattooing properly

The way I tattoo

 To me, tattooing is an art, not a service. The way I work is different to most. The client gives me the basic idea/subject of the tattoo, then I use a mix of stencils & freehand drawing on the day to make it fit & flow with the body... I do not sketch designs to show people before their appointment, it's all on the day, this is how I do my best work. I ask people to give as good a description as they can if what they would like, then leave me to do my version of the concept they came up with. I understand some people need to see sketches of the tattoo before their appointment & are very particular about what they want, if you are like this then I am not the tattooist for you, I do not work this way, I work best with clients who are relaxed & open with their ideas. If you need things drawn up before so you know exactly how the tattoo will look there are many many tattooists who work this way & you will not have a problem finding one, but I am not one of them. It is important clients trust me & my work 100%.


It is the clients job to let me know their basic ideas, then have an open mind & allow me to do those ideas the way I think it will work best.


If you are very OCD/fussy & want to micro manage your tattoo wanting it exactly a certain way then I am not the tattoo artist for you


If you want a tattoo but arent sure what you want, then I will not tattoo you. It is the clients job to think of the ideas, no matter how basic that idea is I do need some idea of what you like, then I can always help expand those ideas. For example, 'I would like a black & grey sleeve, I like skulls & roses,' or 'I want a full backpiece of a (insert object here)........simple &  perfectly clear tattoo requests!!   I can work with requests like this very well 


I try to answer emails weekly but please be patient as tattooing is not the only thing I do, I also have a life to live outside tattooing :-D


I will post on the home page & on facebook when I have openings in my schedule & am able to take on new tattoo work, so if you want work from me please keep checking in. I will reply to tattoo requests that I am interested in taking on, unfortunately I dont have time to reply to every email/request I receive so apologies for this in advance



Please also note that (sounds obvious but people dont always realise) that the more hours I spend on a piece, the more detail I can get into it & the better I can make it look. The best tattoos take time. Large tattoos especially require multiple sessions to finish. Getting the best tattoo requires patience. I work in large sessions so I dont do small tattoos anymore, minimum of 3 hours. 4 to 6 hour sessions are  my main choices for bookings

I dont do tribal & maori,  colour, or  writing/script simply because there are people out there who specialise in this work who are much better at it than I am & I am not passionate about these types of work

Q: Do you quote by the hour?

A: If the tattoo is a single session one off tattoo you will get a fixed price. This is NOT based on how long the tattoo takes. Portraits are also quoted per piece, as all portraits vary in difficulty & detail, every portrait is different & are quoted individually.

Large, or multi session work is quoted by the hour. Hourly rates can vary per piece too.  

I have a Minimum charge of £400. A deposit of £100 is required to confirm a booking. Deposits are final & non refundable

Q: Once ive sent the tattoo request email, what happens next?

A: If I am interested in taking on the piece I will reply  via email with details of a basic quote, rough estimate of time it will take to do, & any questions about your request. Then if you would like to book in for the tattoo doing, we can sort out an appointment date by email. I will then give details about paying a deposit to confirm your booking. 

Q: Can I come to the studio for a consultation?

A: I do everything over the internet by email. To be honest its better & much easier by email. You can get all your ideas down in an email & if you miss any just send another, same with picture ideas they can all be emailed with a description. When I have done studio consultations or phone ones in the past, the ideas are forgotten by the next day, & writing things down...I have bits of paper everywhere, ideas get lost. With email everything is in one place, I like to re read messages so I understand what you are after & refer back to thhe emails when I am doing any sketches etc, so email is definately the best way for me to work

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit?

A: If I reply to you saying I would like to do your tattoo & we arrange a tattoo appointment date, a £100 deposit via paypal will be required to confirm the booking. The deposit secures your booking & comes off your final tattoo cost. Deposits are final and NON refundable.

Please note, people are booked in on their initial idea/design that they ask for as I choose to do work I will enjoy doing, if the idea is changed after you have booked in, your appointment may be cancelled & you will lose your deposit. 

 An appointment is only booked once I have received the deposit. Deposits can be paid online via a paypal invoice i will send by email (you can use any credit/debit card you dont need a paypal account). Deposits are final and non refundable. If you need to reschedule an appointment 1 weeks notice is required transfer a deposit to another date, you will not need to pay another deposit, this can only be done once. The remaining amount to be paid for the tattoo is in CASH ONLY on the day of the appointment. If you cancel your appointment no matter how much notice you give, or move it more than once you will lose your deposit

If I have to cancel a booked in tattoo appointment due to me being ill (very rare but im only human, usually I would only cancel if how ill I am will affect the quality of your tattoo) or due to other circumstances beyond my control, I will either get you another appointment as soon as possible / a good time for you (I do leave days spare incase this happens, I dont work weekends but if its me who has to cancel an appointment I will try my best to get you in on a weekend so you do not need to take time off work) Or I will offer to refund your deposit if you decide you no longer want the tattoo as it is my fault for the cancelled appointment.

Q: How long are you booked out for?

A: I only book myself out for a maximum of 3 to 4 months at a time if possible

Q: Any tips for the day of my appointment?

A: Make sure you eat before you arrive. Bring snacks & drinks if you are having a long session. Feel free to bring your favourite DVDs films/tv series etc as I have a large TV & DVD player to help take your mind off the tattoo & pass the time (I have a large selection of films to watch too) or you can bring Ipod/mp3 to listen to, anything that helps you sit & pass the time.. Please wash/shower before your appointment, I cant do my best work if you stink haha. Do not drink alcohol on the day of your tattoo, or the night before! Avoid havint too much caffeine as it makes people fidgity & irritable, you need to be relaxed as youre sitting still for a long period of time. As far as pain management goes, painkillers do help (not asprin as it thins the blood) Obviously the stronger the medication the greater the effect. You MUST consult your doctor before taking any medication!! All medication & tattoo numbing creams/gels are taken at your own risk, but again they do work. Please inform me if you are using any numbing agents.

One thing, I cant concentrate properly when people watch me tattooing, this is why I have films on to give you something else to look at. Please dont be offended if I tell you to look away from me haha.

Deposits for the tattoo are paid by paypal & are non refundable. The rest of the payment is required at the beginning of the session on the day of the tattoo in CASH ONLY....I do not take credit card payments so please bring the amount left to pay with you to the appointment, thanks

Q: How do I take care of my tattoo

 A: I will give you a full aftercare sheet & explain how to look after your tattoo. Each individual is different so the best aftercare can vary for each person, what works for one may not work for another. It is important that if you have any questions, worries, or concerns about your tattoo at any time you must contact me  so i can help solve any problems/answer any questions you may have