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Darren Wright Tattoos is a private appointment only tattoo & art studio based in Low Moor, Bradford, West Yorkshire.


Darren Wright has been tattooing for around 20 years. Darren produced artwork, selling his drawings & paintings before becoming a tattoo artist. Part apprenticeship & part self taught, Darren finally settled on Black and Grey realism, surrealism, and portraiture as his main styles, gaining clients from all over for some of his art on their skin. Especially for large pieces like sleeve tattoos & back pieces.

Darren is now working in Low Moor, Bradford, West Yorkshire, his home county. Looking to take on tattoos done in his own style. He works best when doing his own pieces just being given a basic idea from the client, or left to interpret a clients idea in his own way when he takes on commission pieces. 

The studio has easy access by car or train. By car it is 5 minutes from the M62 junction 26. By train it is a 1 minute walk from Low Moor train station...

Thank you for considering me to do your tattoo


I quote tattoos per piece where possible, not by the hour. Large on going work may still need to be by the hour.

I only do black & grey tattoos. I don't have any coloured inks anymore.

A £100 deposit is required by PayPal to book an appointment. No deposit, no booking.

DEPOSITS ARE FINAL AND NON REFUNDABLE! (unless its me who has to cancel/rearrange an appointment)

Payment will be due in cash or by bank transfer at the BEGINNING of the session. So please bring cash or the  relevant phone payment app with you.

I have a minimum charge of £400 which is why I don't so small tattoos that take less than 2-3 hours.

I cannot take on every request I get so please don't be offended if I can't take you on as a client. I am only going to be working 2-3 days a week so appointments will be VERY limited, especially as I have lots of existing clients. I only book 4-6 weeks in advance. 

When doing commission tattoos I work best when I am given a basic idea then allowed to run with it & come up with my own interpretation of that idea.

A quick tip. If you moisturise the area you are getting tattooed the week leading up to your tattoo session this can help with the way the tattoo looks once its done, as softer skin is easier to tattoo. So if you can moisturise the area once a day leading up to the session it can really help. Don't shave the area, I will do that on the day.

Please follow my Instagram & Facebook pages for updates about upcoming appointments & my newest tattoos

Just as an additional footnote, if you're looking for the best tattooist in the UK, best tattooist in England, best tattooist black and grey, best tattooist in the world, best portrait tattooist, who is the best tattooist in the world, best sleeve tattoos, best sleeve tattooist, best freehand tattooist, Leeds tattooist, best tattoo artist, best artist in the UK, best realism tattooist, best realism tattoos, best tattooist Yorkshire, best tattooist in London, best tattooist midlands, best tattooists in Leicester, best tattooists in Leeds, best tattoos Manchester, tattoo ideas, top tattooists UK, best black & grey tattooist etc etc.... there's NO SUCH THING!

What matters is who is the best tattooist FOR YOU. What one person likes, another person won't. Its all personal preference. What you want to find is a tattooist who's art & tattoos match the style you are after. Also a tattooist who takes your ideas into account & works well with ideas you have. One who works in a way you feel comfortable with. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I always feel honoured when someone chooses me to do their tattoos for them. I hope they have chosen me because my style is just what they are looking for & the way I work suits them. 

Thank you for visiting my website, I really appreciate it & I hope some of you will choose me to do your tattoos for you.


Darren Wright Tattoos

Appointment only. 646 Cleckheaton Road, Low Moor, Bradford, BD12 0LH

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